press press press

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thanks greg!


Info hotline

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Hi everyone!
Things here at provflux are in full swing, and sometimes we can’t update the blog as often as we’d like. So if you have any questions– where we are, what we’re doing,what time something is happening– you should call merediyth at 401-316-1464 and ask away.
See you out there!


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hi everyone!

we’ve been working around the clock finalizing details for this year’s ProvFlux, and are very pleased to announce that the SCHEDULE pages has brand new events + projects listed! please check there first to see at a glance what we’ve got planned for this year.

we have also updated the PROJECTS + PEOPLE pages! like the schedule, it will continue to be updated with event details… check back often!

Confirmed ProvFluxers for ’08

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just an update on who’s planning on making it out for this year’s festivities:

Ashley Neese (Portland, OR) 

Avalon Kalin (Portland, OR) 

Barbara Meneley (Regina, SK) 

Blair Fornwald (Regina, SK) 

Brette Gabel (Toronto, ON) 

Dave Boudrea (Boston, MA) 

Elisha Boudreau (Boston, MA) 

Helen Reed (Toronto, ON) 

Hideous Beast (Chicago, IL) 

Jason Groves (Providence, RI) 

Jennifer Delos Reyes (NYC) 

JG Hampton (Regina, SK) 

Joan Wyand (Providence, RI) 

Justin Katko (Providence, RI) 

Karen M. (Boston, MA) 

Kerri-Lynn Reeves (Winnipeg, MB) 

Kickball Jesus (he’s everywhere) 

Laurel Kurtz (Portland, OR) 

LuQ (Boston, MA) 

Miche Marcellot (Providence, RI) 

Morag Rose (Manchester, UK) 

Neil Horsky (Boston, MA) 

Robin Lambert (Balmoral, AB) 

Sandra Sampson (Portland, OR) Sarah Daigle (Providence, RI) 

Sarah Zurier (Providence, RI) 

System of Meaning (Providence, RI) 

The Eh Team (NYC) 

Tim Devin (Boston, MA) 

Unkle Thirsty (Providence, RI)

big ups to kickball jesus for (most) of his networking efforts!

why isn’t your name here? tell us you’re coming…

ProvFlux V looking for cohorts…

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That’s right, ProvFlux is going to happen! This year’s dates will be for August 7-11, 2008, and we are looking for other adventurous people to come out and join us as we once again take on the city for a weekend.

Email us for more information, and check back often for updates!