Confirmed ProvFluxers for ’08

just an update on who’s planning on making it out for this year’s festivities:

Ashley Neese (Portland, OR) 

Avalon Kalin (Portland, OR) 

Barbara Meneley (Regina, SK) 

Blair Fornwald (Regina, SK) 

Brette Gabel (Toronto, ON) 

Dave Boudrea (Boston, MA) 

Elisha Boudreau (Boston, MA) 

Helen Reed (Toronto, ON) 

Hideous Beast (Chicago, IL) 

Jason Groves (Providence, RI) 

Jennifer Delos Reyes (NYC) 

JG Hampton (Regina, SK) 

Joan Wyand (Providence, RI) 

Justin Katko (Providence, RI) 

Karen M. (Boston, MA) 

Kerri-Lynn Reeves (Winnipeg, MB) 

Kickball Jesus (he’s everywhere) 

Laurel Kurtz (Portland, OR) 

LuQ (Boston, MA) 

Miche Marcellot (Providence, RI) 

Morag Rose (Manchester, UK) 

Neil Horsky (Boston, MA) 

Robin Lambert (Balmoral, AB) 

Sandra Sampson (Portland, OR) Sarah Daigle (Providence, RI) 

Sarah Zurier (Providence, RI) 

System of Meaning (Providence, RI) 

The Eh Team (NYC) 

Tim Devin (Boston, MA) 

Unkle Thirsty (Providence, RI)

big ups to kickball jesus for (most) of his networking efforts!

why isn’t your name here? tell us you’re coming…


~ by PIPS on June 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Confirmed ProvFluxers for ’08”

  1. hell yes, i’ll be there. thanks, neil!

  2. is our website. we’re excited to be participating from afar.

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