What is psychogeography?

Psychogeography is the hidden landscape of atmospheres, histories, characters and actions which charge environments. Learn more about psychogeography here.

What is PIPS?

PIPS grew out of a small group of people looking to investigate the urban environment in detail. Many experiments, small and large, have been undertaken since 2001. Our numbers have steadily grown, and making new connections with people from around the globe has given us inspiration towards further investigations.

What is ProvFlux?

Part festival and part conference, ProvFlux brings together visual, performance, and new media artists, along with writers, urban adventurers and the general public to explore the physical and psychological landscape of the city. Anchored in the vicinity of Providence, Rhode Island, all events will be presented entirely in the urban theatre.

What are the dates/locations of this year’s event?

ProvFlux V will be held (rain or shine) August 7-11, 2008. Events will take place throughout the city, with two base hubs– our Global Campground at Firehouse 13, and our Mobile Urban Research Laboratory (MURL), a roving command center that will operate from various locations around town.

What if I need to travel to Providence?

PIPS would like to encourage all those interested to travel to Providence to take part in the activities, or to create one of your own. One of the ideas of Provflux is to create more connections between people participating in public interventions.

We will also host a Global Campground for the duration of the festival to accommodate our out-of-town participants. This service will provide food indoor shelter options free of charge.

What about show fees/ stipends/ other money issues?

There are no submission fees for the Provflux. As we run on a very minimal budget, artists are only responsible for their own travel and personal expenses.

Do you have any goods or services to donate? Email us to let us know!

How do I participate in ProvFlux V?

We encourage you to go ahead and do whatever it is you dream + scheme about– and if you want your activity to be posted on our site, email us your information. Drop by our information hubs and let us know what you’re up to. Or, if you can’t be here in person, sign up for our listerv to find out what’s going on from wherever you are.

We look forward to seeing you!


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